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Arodent Dental Laboratory introduced Permanent Teeth Fixation Technology in India for over a decade by the Trade Name: ARODENT. Our work perfection and craftsmanship is to ensure that there are no problems such as food lodgment, loose fitting, loose contact, high occlusion, no short or over margin, negligible chipping rate etc. and the same helps the dentist in reducing the chair side time on patient. We are using split cast technique process, which is highly technical and time consuming. We have been using dip up waxing technique in the wax bath, which is possible by split cast technique essential for perfect fitting.

Thus by making the Bonded Ceramic Crown & Bridge by proper technique, the same will work longer in the patient's mouth who can further feel comfortable and enjoy the treatment for a very long time. This will not only bring comfort ability to the patient but will further add to the already build up confidence between the Dentists and the Patients, as their patients are getting the Crown & Bridges of International Standards while being in India.



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