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Introduction of our Company

Brief History :- We are one of the leaders in introducing/launching of Permanent Teeth Fixation Technology in India for over a decade by our Trade Name : ARODENT. Apart from our well established laboratory, we have been serving Dental Clinics all over India & abroad. Further, we wish to inform that our Team Leader Yogesh Kumar Arora moved to England in the early eighty's to practice & specialize on the same technology, After spending about a decade over there, shifted to India with an aim to introduce & propagate the same technology in the country of his Origin. The Technology which in itself comprises of about 20 stages was introduced to meet the International Standards with both material & machinery of Overseas Origin.

Special Features of our Lab :- We believe in height quality, work perfection and craftsmanship to ensure that there are no problems such as food lodgement, loose fitting, loose contact, high occlusion, no short or over margin, negligible chipping rate etc. and the same helps the dentist in reducing the chair side time on patient. We are using split cast technique process which is highly technical and time consuming. After receiving the working model from dentist we do flatten the base of the model & put the same for drying to room temperature, which takes time. We don't artificially dry the model to avoid the shrinkage and expansion of the plaster, After drying we do fix the Dowel pins on the model and make the base of the model with plaster which further takes time to dry. After cutting the die, die trimming is done in which the extra gingival is removed to ensure that there is no short / over margin or loose fitting.

We have been using dip up waxing technique in the wax bath which is possible by split cast technique essential for perfect fitting.

While doing the metal frame casting, the required wax burn out furnace temperature needs gradual raise which takes at least 3 to 4 hours. Similarly, after casting, the ring requires another 3 to 4 hours for bench cooling. Even by spending extra 7 to 8 hours for the above mentioned processes, the only purpose is to avoid thermal expansion or shrinkage of the metal & investment material there by making the Crown/Bridge to become fit for use. Otherwise with the intention of saving time by giving sudden raise in the temperature for casting the metal frame work and artificial cooling like dipping in the water can make the metal expand/shrink, which further makes it difficult for accurate fitting.

In every casting we are using fresh metal. We do not re-cycle the old metal as re-cycling of the metal means loosing the bonding strength every time.

Since the recommended metal thickness of abutment's Crown is 0.3mm all over for better bonding. So the same thickness is maintained for the said reasons. Also for the excellent Ceramic bonding we use an exclusive bonding agent on the metal surface which is highly expensive.

By using the best techniques we are reducing the Ceramic Chip off rate to almost NILL which results in accuracy, sealed margin and well fitted Bonded Crown/Bridge. The same is achieved by strictly following the International Standards and Norms while making the Bonded Crown and Bridges. To further ensure the International Standards the ceramic build up and carving has been done by the eminent UK qualified and well experienced Dental Ceramists with their trained team.

Thus by making the Bonded Ceramic Crown & Bridge by proper technique, the same will work longer in the patient's mouth who can further feel comfortable and enjoy the treatment for a very long time. This will not only bring comfortability to the patient but will further add to the already build up confidence between the Dentists and the Patients, as their patients are getting the Crown & Bridges of International Standards while being in India.

Keeping the above factors into account it can easily be understood that our process is highly technical and more scientific in comparison to other.

After observing the trend of market we are introducing an economical and less time taking Crown & Bridge.

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